Development quickstart

Get up and running with our API and start developing your Zefort integration.

You can start building your Zefort integration in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Create a free sandbox account to develop your integration
  2. Obtain your API key
  3. Make a test API request

1. Create a sandbox account

You should always use a sandbox account when developing integrations. This ensures you don't accidentally modify data on your production account.

Head on to the Zefort sandbox and create a free account there. You can even create multiple sandbox accounts for different purposes if you wish.

2. Obtain your API key

On your sandbox account, create a new API key under Account settings → API keys.

A Zefort API key is tied to a particular user on the account. For production use, you should create dedicated users for your integrations and configure their permissions appropriately. For now, create a new key using your current user.

Copy the key to a safe place. You'll only see the key once, so if you lose it you'll need to create a new key.

3. Make a test API request

import requests

ZEFORT_APIKEY = "ySLE1mhh6lfRsYa..."
response = requests.get('', 

curl "" \

Make sure to always include the trailing slash (/) in API URLs!

Zefort returns the user object in response to your API request:

    "id": "user_1KjGvbaESv8X22tUACi",
    "email": "your@email.address",
    "name": "Your Name",
    "first_name": "Your",
    "last_name": "Name",
    "display_name": "Your",

Next steps

Congratulations, you've successfully made your first Zefort API request!

Next, check out how to add contracts.